PhytoPhotonics® is pleased to announce the first ever Solar Passive, Portable Fluorescence Spectrometer; the PolyChromatic©.
Both reflectance spectra, seen below in Figure 1, and fluorescence spectra, shown in Figure 2, are calculated from the same ultra high spectral resolution data. These spectra are displayed in real time. A fluorescent yellow paint, presented in these figures, was measured in full sunlight for an early test of the capability of the instrument. A comparison with the spectra from the same yellow paint measured with a laboratory spectrophotometer is shown here. Recent field measurements of materials not obviously fluorescent were completed successfully.
For investigations where fluorescence spectra are of greater value than simple point data or ratios of bands, this tool is the only answer. The PolyChromatic will be indispensable in circumstances where the exact wavelength of emission of a target is not certain. Also, where in situ conditions may, or may be suspected to, alter the emission spectrum of a sample measured in the laboratory, this instrument will provide the necessary flexibility. So, whether you are a researcher looking for new ways to measure the world, or an applications person with a specific need that includes measuring fluorescence in the field, PolyChromatic is the instrument you've been waiting for.
Yellow ReflectanceYellow Flourescence
Figure 1. Reflectance spectra of yellow paint in ultra high spectral resolution.             Figure 2. Fluorescence spectra of yellow paint in ultra high spectral resolution.
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