Welcome to PhytoPhotonics®.

We build and service a portable/field fluorescence spectrometer; the PolyChromatic©.
This is done on a cost-plus basis as we don't manufacture the internal hardware.
Our unique in-house software is what makes the PolyChromatic valuable, though additional software licensing for the hardware is required of the customer to make the spectrometer fully functional.

The PolyChromatic produces fluorescence spectra, as well as reflectance spectra, from solar illuminated targets. And, this remote sensing instrument is available on a lease/rental plus shipping and training time cost basis. Or, we can personally conduct field measurements for a customer on a lease/rental cost plus travel expenses basis.

We also provide laboratory excitation-emission-matrix (EEM) fluorescence measurements on a setup fee (non-refundable for first time customers) plus sample basis. The data are collected with a Horiba Scientific FluoroLog®-3 instrument capable of measurments from the near-UV to the short wavelength IR.

Since we have been in business we have built special equipment related to spectroscopy and prototype spectroscopy instruments similar to our current PolyChromatic.

We have conducted small scale plant stress experiments on-property, husbanding and treating with stressing agents a variety of plants (vegetation).

We don't sell any equipment other than that which we build or assemble.
We service our own instrumentation, but we are not an authorized servicing provider for hire.

If an order for several units are needed, an OEM agreement with the hardware supplier could be arranged to obviate the additional licensing. Not to mention lowering the costs for us and the customer.

Use this link for a bio of, Arnold F. Theisen, the owner of PhytoPhotonics and check here for a brief bibliography.

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